REAL NAME: Valoren
KNOWN ALIASES: Viking God of Rock, God of Rock, the Rock God.
IDENTITY: Secret; though he doesn't have a dual identity, the general public are unaware that he is an actual Asgardian.
OCCUPATION: Musician, Adventurer
HEIGHT: 6'5"
WEIGHT: 630 lbs.
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
KNOWN RELATIVES: Thor - Loki - Balder
KNOWN ALLIES: Thor - Balder
MAJOR ADVERSARIES: Ulik; the Rock Trolls; Music Critics
GROUP AFFLIATIONS: The Black Label Society


Like all Asgardians, Valhallen possesses superhuman strength, though his is greater than that of your average Asgardian god, allowing him to press in excess of 80 tons.

He has the usual advantages over a human, due to his Asgardian heritage, namely strength, speed agility, and durability. Valhallen's personal charisma is so great, that it often causes those around him, regardless of gender or species (though, especially females) to be highly susceptible to his suggestions and charm.

Valhallen wields an electric guitar enchanted by Asgardian magic. Most commonly refereed to as his "Mighty Axe" the guitar is indestructable, and possesses a number of enchantments. The Guitar can be used to summon and control lightning, and/or generate high intensity sonic blasts capable of liquefying solid materials, or mesmerizing a target of his choosing, as well as generating variable -spectrum light.

While in his Asgardian form, Valoren's mighty axe is literally an axe. Before his time on Midgard, Valoren's weapon of choice was a dual sided axe, or Labyrs. If Valhallen chooses so, he can alternate from his weapon of his electric guitar- or the large Labyrs. He simply strikes the ground, with the head of his guitar, and the weapon, and appearance revert to that of his appearance on Asgard- or vise versa. The change back occurs, when Valhallen strikes the head of his axe upon the ground.

The Legend

The Asgardian known as Valoren was originally a warrior-bard in the High Court of Odin. When Odin sought to create his son Thor, Odin sought out the earthmother Gaea to give birth to his son. When Frigga discovered Odin's betrayal, she sought out the Skyfather Zeus of the Olympians, and mated with him in response to Odins' prevarication. Some time later, Valoren- the first son of Asgard and Olympus was born. The Lord of Asgard at first did not see Valoren as a worthy son, and intended to humiliate the boy- leaving him for dead upon an isle with upon a barren sea. Instead of succumbing to certain death, Valoren instead managed mimic the sirens, and communicate through song to them. His beautiful voice and song immediately won over the sirens, causing a rift between them, each fighting over the young boy. His return to Asgard was a shock to Odin, but the event gained him the Allfathers respect. While not acknowledged as a direct son of Odin, he would be seen as royalty.

Known as much for his skills in battle, as his wondrous voice, he was held in high regard by the court, as well as much of Asgard itself. Legends tell of nearly all the creatures of creation falling under his sway while he sang and played, especially the maidens of Asgard. Valoren was often the centerpiece of during great feasts and state functions held by Odin, where he sang songs of mighty warriors, and great battles.

After the destruction of Asgard in the final cycle of Ragnarok, the Thunder God Thor used the Odinpower to awaken the sleeping Asgardians, whose essences had been reborn on Midgard [Earth] in mortal hosts. Valoren awoke in the city of Los Angeles, and seeing the manner in which famous mortal musicans were treated, he decided to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Using his natural talents, as well as the unique power of his other worldly presence, he quickly rose to become a musical star.

Valoren discovered he prefered a genre of music commently refered to as "Heavy Metal" which was quite different from the music he had known in Asgard, and as such, he adapted his skills accordingly. Dubbed "Valhallen, the Viking God of Rock" by his record company because of both his size, and appearance, he prepared to embark on a musical tour around the world.

As he prepared to leave, several members of the race of Rock Trolls led, by the warrior Ulik attacked during his send off preformance. Fortuitously, it was at this time that Thor, searching for the newly awoken Asgardians arrived in order to bring them all to the restored city of Asgard (now called Asgardia) floating over Oklahoma. Together, Valoren and Thor fought back the tide of Uliks's forces, vanquishing the rock trolls, until there wasn't one left standing.

Following the battle, Valoren elected to remain in Los Angeles, in order to continue the new life he had built for himself. Though cautious, Thor agreed as long as Valoren swore to make certain that he protect the morals from any dangers that may arise as a result of his presence there. Valoren agreed and Thor officially decreed that he was, now and forevermore the "Viking God of Rock." Valhallen abandoned his former name completely, fully embracing his role as Midgard's newest Asgardian God.

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