Odin, the Skyfather of Asgard, said to the Earth Goddess Jord, also known as Gaea the Earthmother of Midgard, "I seek an heir whose powers surpass Asgard." Gaea accepted Odin's request, and mated with him, creating Thor. Odin created a cave in Norway where Jord gave birth to Thor. Months after the infant Thor was weaned, Odin brought him to Asgard to be raised. Odin's wife, the goddess Frigga, acted as Thor's mother from that time onward. Not until many centuries later did Thor learn that Gaea was his birth mother.

The young Thor was raised alongside Loki, who had been adopted by Odin after Loki's father, the Frost Giant Laufey, had been killed in battle. For all of their childhood, Loki was jealous of Thor. Loki's jealousy, which grew to hatred, resulted in a desire to kill Thor.

Thus began Loki's enmity for Thor, which persisted for centuries. For example, when Thor was eight, Odin sent him to Nidavellir, the land of the Dwarves, to bid the dwarf lords Brokk and Eitri to create three treasures for Asgard's ruler. Among the three treasures that Brokk and Eitri created was the Uru hammer Mjolnir (although Loki sabotaged the creation of the hammer so that its handle was made too short by distracting the dwarven weaponsmiths). Odin bestowed various enchantments upon the hammer, including one that made it impossible for anyone to lift it except someone who was truly worthy of wielding it. Odin then declared that he was reserving the use of Mjolnir for Thor, who would receive it on the day that great deeds of selfless valor had proved him worthy of its power. For years, Thor strove to become physically strong enough to wield the hammer, and was responsible for many heroic deeds. Finally, when Thor was sixteen, Odin sent him and his friends Balder and Sif on a quest to teach him what was truly required to wield Mjolnir, a pure heart.

Thor became Asgard's greatest warrior. Before Thor was twenty, he had fallen in love with the goddess Sif. In fact, when Sif had been kidnapped by Storm Giants and ended up as a prisoner of Hela, Thor offered his own life in exchange for Sif's freedom. The goddess of death was so impressed by the young Thunder God's nobility that she let both of them go. The romance between Sif and Thor has waxed and waned over the centuries.

Sometime in the 9th Century AD, Thor traveled to Earth to promote his worship among the Vikings. Both the Norsemen and the Germans, who called him Donner "Thunder", came to worship Thor and other Asgardians. Thor actively encouraged the adulation of his Viking worshipers for years, and also encouraged them to find glory in battle. When Thor discovered that his more zealous Viking worshipers had slaughtered the inhabitants of a Christian monastery, he was shocked and ashamed that they committed atrocities in his name. Thor withdrew from Earthly activities altogether, but only after spotting a helpless child, who had survived the raid, and lost his parents. Thor took the child to Asgard, and begged Odin to allow the child to live among them, and be a god. Odin accepted, as long as Thor ended the active worship of the gods of Asgard. Thor agreed, and for centuries, the only memory that man would have of the Asgardians would be through myths and legends.

God of Strength

In addition to being the God of Thunder, Thor is also the Asgardian God of Strength, as such he is physically the strongest of the Asgardian gods and one of the most powerful beings in the Universe. His strength is unlimited. His feats include:

- Easily lifting a million tons
- Crumbling uru into dust
- Destroying Silver Surfer's force-field with a single strike
- Knocking out a fully hydrated Namor
- Defeated the Gladiator and knocked him unconscious
- Knocked the Abomination unconscious with a single blow
- Stalemating Hercules in a strength contest
- Easily defeating the Bi-Beast
- Easily overpowering the Red Hulk
- Defeating both the Thing and an enraged Hulk at once in unarmed combat using only his vast physical strength.
- Lifted the Midgard Serpent, who was so large that it could coil around the entire planet Earth from head to tail multiple times over and crush it in its grip, and then threw it across space.
- He is also capable of crushing entire planets and moons with his fists
- He has even shattered small planetoids with the force of his blows. When he went insane, Thor struck Beta Ray Bill with such force that he destroyed the small planetoid they were on.
- He has broken through the armor of a Celestial in a single blow
- Pushing the World Engine, which pushed the Yggdrasil tree, which pushed nine different galaxies.
- His clash against Gorr shattered entire worlds
- He effortlessly threw a piece of star core at the god-bomb
- He also physically held together the fissures of a badly damaged moon, and mended it with his lightning
- He has effortlessly snapped adamantium alloy cables by simply flexing
- He pushed over leaning Tower of Pisa with his finger.
- After being damaged in a battle, Thor literally and effortlessly holds up the George Washington Bridge long enough for Damage Control to fix it.
- Wonder Man concedes Thor as his superior.
- He once struck Galactus so hard, he not only shattered his helmet, but sent him worlds away.
- He knocked out the Phoenix force itself, with a hammer throw.

All these feats have established Thor as one of the mightiest beings on Earth. His strength is matched only by powerhouses like Hercules, Hulk, or Sentry, and it surpasses that of heroes like Gladiator. If pressed in battle, Thor is capable of entering into a state of Berserker Rage known as Warrior's Madness, which will temporarily increase his strength tenfold.

Besides being the strongest man in creation, and durable enough to withstand a blast from Celestials, and the destructive force of a God-bomb. Thor also has energy manipulation powers that are on par with the Silver Surfer, and magical abilities that have been shown, on occasion, to be as powerful as those of Dr. Strange himself. He is also armed with Mjolnir, the mystical war-hammer that has been shown to be capable of opening passageways through space and time, blocking all sorts of energy blasts, and bending the elements to its master's will.

God of Courage

Warrior God

Thor is an Asgardian warrior god, trained and skilled in the arts of battle, and he’s been doing it for countless ages. While Thor has usually been shown to rely solely on his fighting ability, super strength, and well nigh invulnerability, he has so many other options available to him if a fight starts going badly. He has complete mastery over the weather, he can open chasms in the earth, he can even drain the soul out of his opponent’s body, or if worst comes to worst, use the dreaded God-blast, an attack that is so powerful that one time Mjolnir shattered from the amount of power Thor channeled. While on Earth, Thor greatly withholds his power unless fighting someone with similar strength and durability.

Asgardian/Elder God Hybrid Physiology

Biologically half-Asgardian, half-Elder God, Thor possesses a number of superhuman attributes common among the Asgardian and other gods. However, due to his unique birth, some are considerably more developed than those of the vast majority of his race. Thor's skin, muscle, and bone tissues have several times the density of the same tissues in the body of a human being, contributing to his superhuman weight. He is invulnerable to powerful energy blasts, weighted impacts, falls from great heights, explosions and various other opposing forces. Even without his godly power Thor is still physically the strongest and most durable of all the Asgardians.


The godly energies that fuel all of Thor's godlike powers, Thor's immortal life-force is more powerful than the mystical properties of Mjolnir. Thor's Life-force is so strong that the Destroyer using all of it's powers could not destroy it. His Life-force allows him to be the most powerful being on the planet and one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Unlike many other dieties, Thor's unique Life-force allows him to have full access to all of his powers regardless of what realm he enters. The only being so far that has been shown to affect Thor's God-force is Odin. Thor's God-force is also the key to him using the God-blast.

Superhuman Stamina

Thor's advanced musculature is considerably more efficient than that of a human and most other Asgardians. As a result, his muscles produce practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity compared to those of humans and most other members of his race. He possesses virtually inexhaustible stamina and can exert himself at peak capacity for countless months, at the very least, without tiring at all. Thor was able to engage the entire Frost Giants army nonstop for more than 9 months straight without any sustenance or rest. Thor was even able to fight and stalemate the Sky father Zeus uninterrupted while the months, and consequently the Trojan War, raced by. Using the Belt of Strength also doubles his stamina. While in the Warrior's Madness, Thor's stamina also increases tenfold. Hela herself has stated that Thor could fight on for however long it takes.

Superhuman Speed

Thor can move at extreme speeds. Thor can fly to the sun in a matter of seconds. Thor was even able to strike down a moving Quicksilver and has claimed to have fought foes far faster than him. He can throw Mjolnir beyond the speed of light and also swing Mjolnir at several times the speed of light. It has been established that the speed of Thor’s hammer transcends both Time & Space. In addition, Thor can appear anywhere across the Universe or other dimensions in just seconds. Thor can visually detect objects that move at fantastic speeds. Hela once stated that Thor is as fast as the lightning he commands. Thor can also twirl his cape so fast that he can create a tornado. In his battle with Gorr, Thor was shown traveling light years, in mere seconds.
Faster-Than-Light: 60(sec) x 60(min) x 24 (hours) x 365 (days). This gives Thor a speed of 31,536,000 times faster than light speed.

Superhuman Senses

Thor's superhuman sense's allow him to effortlessly see objects as far out as the edge of the Solar System, allow him to track objects traveling faster than light, hear cries from the otherside of the planet. His breath is able to create hurricane force winds.

Superhuman Durability

Despite his astounding resistance to injury, it is possible to injure Thor. In the rare instances that he is injured, his body is capable of repairing damaged tissue with much greater speed and efficiency than the body of a human being and almost all other Asgardians. He can regenerate missing limbs or organs, with the aid of magical forces such as Mjolnir or the Odin Force.


Thor has taken blows that would destroy planets and more. Thor stood at the center, and absorbed a god-bomb - a bomb specifically designed by Gorr to travel through time, and kill every god in existence - upon himself. Being a god whose heritage is half-Asgardian & half-Elder God affords Thor absolute invulnerability and immunity to such human ailments as diseases, toxins, poisons, corrosives, fire, electrocution, asphyxiation, lead, and radiation poisoning. Thor can drink mead all day long and not get drunk. He has withstood direct blows from beings with vast superhuman strength such as the Hulk, Hercules, Gladiator, Hyperion, Silver Surfer, Thanos, the Red Hulk, Galactus and Exitar the Executioner. Thor can survive in the heart of the Sun with no discomfort, has flown through the heart of stars, and survived point blank range energy explosions capable of destroying entire planets. He has survived a supernova blast of an exploding star unharmed, the gravity of a Neutron Star, and withstood the weight of a score of entire planets. Thor was able to survive direct multiple blasts from the Asgardian Destroyer. Thor also once took a hit by a Doomsday Bomb that was capable of destroying an entire planet, and soon after that explosion he fell from space (leaving a crater miles wide) to a planet called Pangoria.

Weather Control

Thor has the ability to control the base elements of a storm, i.e. rain, wind, thunder, lightning and more. He can create giant raging electrical storms complete with thunder, lightning, hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, blizzards, tidal waves, exploding volcanoes, earthquakes and torrential rains across entire planets at a moment's notice. He can also create any of these phenomena individually. While he uses Mjolnir to channel these phenomena, he is fully able to do this, without Mjolnir. Another aspect of this power allows him to stop any of these weather conditions instantly as well. Thor can create storms on a planetary wide scale or larger if needed, and is not limited to the normal limits of Mother Nature and can go beyond and defy what natural weather can do such as creating rain in space where there is no atmosphere. Thor's ability to control and create storms extends to any and all storms as he has been shown to control and create raging temporal storms in time, create Solar Flares, powerful stellar winds in space and so on. Thor's ability to control the elements and storm are absolute so even a powerful weather manipulator such as Storm was easily overpowered by his ability to control the weather and easily defeated. Thor can also channel the storm's fury, and magnify it into extremely powerful energy blasts capable of destroying objects of high durability, such as Adamantium. Thor's mastery of the elements goes further, as Thor was able to make it rain fire on a planet, when no other gods were capable of using their strengths, or powers.


He isn't immortal in the same sense of some other god pantheons. Thor ages at a pace far, far slower than a human being as he is countless eons old; mortals' life spans are comparable to nothing more than a blink of his immortal eyes. He has watched worlds die, and even witnessed Suns explode throughout his unimaginably long life meaning that he is at least billions of years old. The consumption of the Golden Apples of the goddess Idunn is essential to an Asgardian maintaining their physical vigor but this has not shown to apply to Thor.

Energy Manipulation

Thor has stated that he relies on the power of Mjolnir too often. Mjolnir does afford powers and abilities that he would not normally have, but Mjolnir is a tool and he has natural energy manipulation abilities without Mjolnir. During Ragnorak Thor had seen his family and friends fall to Loki's army and he reached down into himself for strength he never realized before and projected an energy blast so powerful that he knocked out Durok the Demolisher, who was so powerful that Thor, even with Mjolnir, was barely able to hold his own against


After his resurrection, Thor has accepted his heritage as a child of the Elder Goddess Gaea and has gained the ability to control the Earth completely and has demonstrated this ability by being able to create continental-spanning chasms and earthquakes that are off the Richter Scale in the Earth itself. He can control landslides and avalanches.

Master Combatant

Thor is a superbly skilled warrior trained in the arts of war with over countless eons of combat experience. He is one of the most skilled fighters to ever walk the planet. He has been able to fight and gain the advantage with Captain America when powerless to the point he was mortal, and he was able to defeat even the likes of Grog the God Crusher, while similarly powerless and mortal, with only his vast fighting skills. Although, he possesses vast fighting skills, due to his warrior pride, when engaging opponents such as the Hulk, Juggernaut and other brutes in hand-to-hand fights, Thor reverts to using the same brawling type fighting as they do, in which he is also a master. He is a master marksman, and master in all areas of combat including hand-to-hand, wrestling, brawling, swordsmanship, hammer throwing, mace wielding, and more. Thor is also very well versed in all the ancient fighting arts of the ancient Vikings, Celts, Saxons, and the Germanic tribes of ancient Europe. Being a War God as well as a Thunder God allows Thor to learn and master nearly all the martial arts of Midgard as well. This gives Thor a huge advantage in combat by tapping into a vast multi-cultural perspective of combat arts, skills, strategies and tactics. He has also shown great skill with numerous other weapons such as axes, shields, and clubs. Thor is known to be very cunning and intuitive in battles and wars.

Master Tactician

For over thousands and thousands of years he has lead Asgard into battle against overwhelming forces with great leadership and employed strategies and tactics from every culture on Earth as well as all the Nine Worlds of Asgard, including forgotten ones.

Dimensional Transcendance

Because Thor is a god, his divinity and corporeal form can transcend dimensions and is not bound by the percaptable. When he was trapped in the tesseract by the Collector, Thor determined the boundaries of the tesseract and escaped.

Self Sustenance

He can survive in the cold vacuum of space unaided and does not need air, food, water, or sleep.


While channeling his power through Mjolnir, Thor was able to resurrect a man he had wrongly killed.

Transmigration of Souls

Thor has the ability to manipulate souls.


Thor wields Mjolnir, a hammer forged from uru metal. Mjolnir itself is already extremely durable like the Earth metal Adamantium or the Olympian metal Adamantine, and combined with the various enchantments placed upon it by Odin, is for all intents and purposes, indestructible. It has survived heat as extreme as the heart of the Sun, blasts powerful enough to destroy planets, and it contains energy sufficient enough to destroy an entire Galaxy.

Thor often uses the hammer as a physical weapon, with almost nothing being capable of withstanding a hammer blow or throw. It has been described as impacting with sufficient force to "destroy mountains" and has proven capable of shattering the armor of a Celestial, with a rare exception being Captain America's shield. Mjolnir also grants Thor countless mystical attributes and powers such as manipulation of the fundamental forces of the universe such as the electromagnetic spectrum, gravity, etc. A few other examples of the countless abilities Thor has shown with Mjolnir are:


Thor is capable of hurling Mjolnir with great force and, by holding onto the leather thong, is capable of flying through the air at tremendous speeds. While in an Earth-like atmosphere, Thor generally flies at roughly the Speed of Sound, roughly 770 miles per hour. However, he is capable of achieving speeds far faster than light. He can use the winds to hover and has shown the ability to fly without the aid of Mjolnir.

Energy Projection

With Mjolnir, Thor can project powerful mystical blasts of energy. He can even channel energies for stronger energy attacks.

God Blast

Thor is capable of channeling different amounts of his godly energies through Mjolnir for a single massive blast known as the God Blast. His godly energy is so vast and powerful, that even when reinforced with the Belt of Strength, which should double Mjolnir's fortification and durability, when Thor channeled his godly energies into Mjolinr to destroy the Brain Dome of the mighty Celestial Exitar, the hammer shattered from the amount of power Thor channeled. The God Blast is so immensely powerful and destructive that it has proven capable of destroying beings as large and as powerful as the Midgard Serpent and even causing such a great degree of damage to a being such as Galactus that he was forced to flee for his life. Thor has used this ability only a few times.

Anti Force

Thor is capable of producing an indescribably powerful blast known as the Anti-Force which is capable of annihilating entire planets. This blast is so powerful that with just a single emission, Thor was capable of putting down and seemingly killing the powerful entity known as Mangog himself.


Thor has the ability to produce a Universe shaking thermo-blast capable of decimating even entire planets and beings as powerful as Ego the living planet.


With Mjolnir, Thor is capable of creating powerful barriers, force fields and vortexes that are impenetrable. These vortexes and barriers are so immensely durable that Thor was able to completely contain the explosion generated by a life bomb, which is so powerful it would have completely destroyed a fifth of the Marvel Universe, without the vortex even faltering, meaning that Thor literally contained a blast that is capable of annihilating millions upon millions of Galaxies.

Energy Absorption

Thor is able to use Mjolnir to absorb any energy blasts directed towards him as means of attack. Once the energy is absorbed, Thor can redirect it back towards the source and/or use it as a weapon of his own. Thor has been able to reflect the vast and hazardous amounts of energy being emitted by the biological weapon implanted within the Wasp's body by the Skrulls back at her while all of Earth's other super humans were helpless. Thor's ability to absorb energy is so powerful he managed to absorb, contain and redirect the entire energy of the Null Bomb, which was powerful enough to destroy the entire Galaxy.


By grasping Mjolnir by the leather thong and rapidly swirling it, Thor can channel energies for the purpose of opening gateways which he and others can pass through. He can open gateways which allow him to travel across locations no matter how great the distance within moments or even across entire dimensions, as he does when he travels from Asgard to Earth and vice-versa. He formerly possessed the ability to travel through time, but the temporal energies of the hammer were drained when Immortus asked Thor to use his hammer to save the planet Phantus and bring it back out of limbo and into the space-time continuum.

Matter Manipulation

This ability allows Thor to manipulate matter from a molecular level to a vast scale, which allows him to create other configurations and even allows him to transmute the elements themselves. This ability was evident when he transmuted the Absorbing Man's wood and iron body to the gas helium.

Alpha Particles

Thor's hammer can harness Alpha Particles from the atmosphere and could use it to atomize any weaponry.

Negation of Mystic Energy

He used this ability on the Juggernaut himself to negate the mystical energies that grant him his mystical invulnerability, allowing him to defeat Juggernaut in combat.

Cosmic Energy

Mjolnir allows Thor to produce and control Cosmic Energy to an unknown limit for a variety of purposes.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation

With Mjolnir, Thor is able to manipulate all electromagnetic spectrum phenomena. He can manipulate decreasing frequency, neutrinos, light, microwaves, radio waves, gamma rays, cosmic rays, X-rays, infrared radiation and ultraviolet radiation to use in various ways.

Invisibility and Intangibility

Thor can turn himself or others, using Mjolnir, completely intangible and/or invisible. An offshoot of this ability is that Thor can use Mjolnir to completely disrupt the phasing abilities of super humans such as the Vision and Shadowcat.

Mystical Link

Mjolnir obeys Thor’s commands as though it were alive, and if Thor’s will is strong enough, the hammer can pass through nearly any barrier to reach him should he so chooses; Mjolnir will even carve its way through the very center of entire planets to get back to Thor. Mjolnir can also transform Thor into his civilian guises. When Thor is a civilian, the hammer most often becomes an old wooden cane.


This enchantment surrounding Mjolnir prevents it from being wielded by anyone save those who have been found worthy. Thus far, this includes Thor, the Red Norvell; Beta Ray Bill, Eric Masterson; Ororo Munroe and Captain America. To anyone else, Mjolnir cannot be lifted from the ground nor wrestled from Thor’s grip.

Stormborn Axe

Stormborn is similar to Mjolnir in many ways. It carries many of the same powers. However, it has many other abilities as well. One of Thor's first battles as King of Asgard had Thor against a cosmic storm. Unable to control, or rid the planet of unknown origin of the storm, Thor instead encased it in uru, and later had Brok and Etri carve out the Ax-hammer design, intending to be perfect, Stormborn has a proper sized handle, curved slightly for leverage. Also, unlike Mjolnir, the Stormborn Axhammer is capable of absorbing and manipulating cosmic energy, making it an invaluable weapon against Galactus.


The weapon used by Thor's friend and brother, Beta Ray Bill is often at his disposal if needed. It carries the same powers and traits as Mjolnir, as well as allows Beta Ray Bill to take a more mortal form. The Golden Uru hammer is additionally better equipped to deal with cosmic threats and energy. He has hunted down Galactus, and Destroyed planets with ease, in attempt to starve Galactus to death.


Thor's first created weapon as Asgard's King, Alternately known as the Thorsword. Angered by Fenris' part in the death of his Father, Thor defeated the Fenris Wolf himself, and imbued his blade with the spirit of the wolf-god, as well as ritualistically blessing it with his own blood to make it capable of cutting anything. The blade itself is six foot tall, and requires two hands to use. The blade itself was hand crafted out of Uru by Mjolnir itself. The true power of the Thor sword is within the runes carved into the face of the blade. With the runes, the spirit of Fenris inside and being blessed by Thor's blood - it very well could be the most powerful blade in all of creation. The blade is indestructible, thanks to it's Uru shell and has been blessed to harness flame, should the need to use it against Surtur himself.


A battle axe forged by Dwarves that Thor wielded before he was worthy of Mjolnir. Kang tricked Thor into placing an enchantment on it to in order to pierce the armour of Celestials or armour created using Celestial technology. In addition to piercing Celestial armour, Jarnbjorn is an effective blunt force instrument, Thor used it to kill Gorr, the Godbutcher and cleave off one of Red Onslaught's horns. Jarnbjorn is naturally sharper than almost any Earthly weapon, and can cut virtually anything. In addition, Jarnbjorn has a charm placed on it that makes it indestructible, and it can be used to defend against any attack, even bursts of energy like Apocalypse's optic beam.


"The End of All Things." Sword, given to Thor by Odin, is the only weapon that is capable of combating, and defeating Cul Borson, the Serpent of Fear.


Gungnir was the spear of Odin, and his preferred weapon. Like Mjolnir, it returns to the users hand when thrown. There is no clear origin for the magical spear that is said to be unable to miss it's target. Legends that pre-date Thor speak of the spear being created out of sunlight as a gift to Odin from the Dwarfen smiths that created Mjolnir. Another says it is among several objects made in a contest arranged by Loki, by the Sons of Ivalid. No matter on it's origins, Gungnir is a weapon that is capable of equaling Mjolnir in power. There is no worthiness enchantment upon the staff. Aside from Odin, is it most commonly handled by Thor's eldest daughter, Thena.

Mug of Grog

Though, hardly considered a weapon - the Mug of Grog is one of Thor's most prized possessions. A gift from Stephen Strange, that Thor has valued more than any possession given to him. The mug that is incapable of running out of alcohol has brought many to their knees, with Thor being unable to vanquish the magical tankard. Even the combined might of Thor and Hercules has yet to defeat the enchanted mug.

All-Black the Necrosword

**This weapon has never been seen by any, and is sealed away. Encased by both Uru, and Celestial Armor from Exitar himself. Thor will deny it's existence. However, if there is a threat that is dire enough, the King does have this weapon at his disposal.**



The jet black blade's main substance is primordial darkness which the user can conjure and wield at will. A more skilled user can reshape it into whatever kind of shape or form they can imagine; be it a shadowy cloak with which to garb oneself, create wings for flight, tether's or snares able to entrap mountainous or singularity spanning creatures, weapons and even semi-sentient to fully self-aware entities with portions of the shadow blades power.

Constitution Augmentation

A user who has bonded with the blade has their natural physical aspects enhanced to the point of rivaling the divine and other cosmic entities. Gorr utilized its powers to singlehandedly carve a bloody swath through armies and high houses of the divine and their respective pantheons with near ease. Giving him strength enough to best a galaxian creature who could wrestle black holes for sport, move and fly at or beyond light-speed to overtake his prey, was tough and reactive enough to resist both the physical and mystical onslaught of three time relative Thor's and had accelerated recovery able to heal after being struck by lightning more times than once by a younger Odinson.

Energy Manipulation/Augmentation

The blade can also bestow the ability to project and manipulate or greatly enhance any preexisting ability to cast forth energies of varying kinds. Gorr using it in his battles against the three Thor's and again by Old King Thor while fighting Galactus after needing more juice in his jump against him.

Divine Siphoning/Killing Empowerment

It's edge could be further sharpened and empowered by sapping deities of their life to feed the user their strength, the more gods killed by way of the blade and its fabrications. The more powerful it's weaponer would become as a result, but this effect isn't infinite as one must constantly keep killing gods and or other such transcendent beings as the swords power eventually runs dry over time.


Said weapons main and primary function is the ability to kill just about anything it come across, be it slews of higher beings worshiped as preeminent beings or the very metaphysical abstracts that compose of or even represent the universe in various ways. Despite their immortality or resilience to harm and even their very substance that defies the effects of mortality.

Waves are but water. Wind but air. And though lightning be fire... it must answer the Thunderer's call.

The Ragnarok cycle created numerous versions of Thor's origin story, and the fact that Asgard was a place of myth did not help matters when trying to keep track of all of the different stories and personalized descriptions of events. One such story came from the severed eye of Odin, and told Thor of another Thor who had existed before the current Thor's birth. This previous Thor was also the son of Odin. Thor was said in myth to have killed the Midgard Serpent, but had been killed himself by the dying monster's venom.

Thor is one of several powerful ancient beings who dwell in a magical realm called Asgard. Through history, these beings have been revered and worshiped as gods. Ages ago, Odin, lord of the Asgardian gods, desired a child who would one day exceed him in power. Odin wooed Gaea, the earth goddess, and from their union Thor was born in a small cave in Norway on Earth. Odin took him to be raised in Asgard by his wife, Frigga.

The young Thor grew up alongside his adopted brother Loki, the trickster, who was always jealous of his more favored sibling. Thor grew in power and popularity and on his eighth birthday, Odin had the hammer Mjolnir created for him, enchanting it with powerful magic. Odin decreed that Mjolnir would be presented to Thor when his son had been proven a worthy warrior. After spending the next eight years training and performing heroic deeds, Thor was given the hammer and declared the greatest warrior in Asgard.

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Thor Odinson
Thor, Donner, Thunderer, "Goldilocks"
Avengers, The Gods of Asgard
Asgard, New Asgard, New York City
King of Asgard, God of Thunder, Strength; Courage, and Fertility
Tutored by scholars of Asgard

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