Race Tal-Vashoth(Qunari)
Height6'11 plus horns


Baal fled the Qun and adopted his current name after serving as a solider for the Beresaad nearly his entire life. He is hesitant, at best, to speak on the subject with just anyone. In close quarters he uses a brutal two-handed maul when his cunning tongue won't suffice. He has a weakness for fine food and pleasures of the flesh, embracing his freedom one day at a time through overindulgence. He's all smiles and charm, but one must wonder how (or if) he endured the sheer tyranny of his kin with his mind wholly intact.


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Reaver Baalaum's combat style has honed his aggression and anger to a killing edge. He has learned to turn his own pain into a fury that makes him even deadlier when the fight gets bloody.
Ring of Pain Baal marks a 3 meter radius area as his in which he deals 15% more damage
Fervor (Passive) When an evemy dies near Baal, the thrill of death spurs him to hit 30% harder on his next blow
Blood Frenzy (Passive) They thought he'd get weaker once they wounded him. They were wrong. Baal hits 5% harder for each 10% of his health missing
Devour Blood is life. Baal sinks his teeth into his enemy, dealing 2% bonus damage and gaining 0.2% health for each 1% of his health missing.
Weapon: Two-handed maulArmor: Bracers and helmet


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If I live my life in
hatred of the Qun...
Have I really escaped
its hold over me?
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