magni thorson

Magni was supposed to be born in the year 2020, to Thor and Amora. However, with Thor's knowledge of the Reigning, the timeline was skewed. Thor still married Amora in the current timeline, and her pregancy was years prior. Instead of the Reigning timeline, Magni is not an only child. His twin sister Thena was also born, to which Thor and Amora are very proud parents. With Thor abdicating the throne, the event of the Reigning has ceased to exist, now with Thor and Amora being able to focus on their children.

Magni is the partially older of the two children, and was delivered by their Aunt Sigyn. With a fresh timeline infront of them, we'll all have to wait and see what the future holds, for young Magni, and Thena.

Magni will have a suit of Asgardian Armor similar to the one his father wears. When he is of Age, he will receive training in Asgardian arts of war- taught first by one of Asgard's finest warriors- Balder. And later on by Thor himself. This of course will grant him a high degree of proficiency in armed and unarmed combat.

For weapons, Magni's first will be handed down to him by Fandral himself, teaching the boy proficiency with bladed weapons, before he begins to favor axes within battle. Later on, Thor will seek out Brok and Etri, whom created Mjolnir. Thor has them create another hammer, similar to Mjolnir but larger, with a larger handle.

After a fierce battle with the Mangog, a weakened Thor was taken, and his soul traded for another. Amora, and Sif both sought out the goddess of death, and attempted to barter for Thor's life. Each offering their own, both requests were denied. It was then Hela had teleported both Magni, and Thena to Hel. Hela offered the children a chance to safe their father, if they would give up their youth. Both Thena and Magni agreed, and were aged to that of young adults. Karnilla's warning and prophency coming true, much to Thor's dismay.

Years later, Asgard has come under attack by a power never seen before. Desak the God Destroyer has targeted Asgard. Knowing it would be safest for their children, Thor, and Amora send them back through time, only for Magni to refuse, and fight beside his father. Many years have past, and Magni finally returns to our time to look for his lost sister, Thena. No longer a boy, Magni has embodied his title, as the God of Strength

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